Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When Disk Utility and FSCK Fail to Respond

Working on your Mac, you may have encountered situations, when the system hangs infinitely at the boot screen and fails to start-up. Following such an incident, all your valuable data stored in the system hard drive becomes completely inaccessible.

Among many possible reasons, one of the mostly encountered one is – ‘incorrect settings in the file system privileges’. However, even under such critical situations of data loss/inaccessibility, any powerful Mac data recovery software can easily help you recover all your data back.

Even with the strongest anti-virus and anti-spam protection, the system gets infected by viruses and/malwares. Virus or malware infection, file system corruption, damage to the operating system or instances of unexpected system shut down cause corruption to the Mac file system.


There are various utilities (Disk Utility, FSCK etc.) to repair the damaged file system and recover the inaccessible data back from the troubled media. Below options will give you the idea of running these utilities:

• Boot the Mac system in safe mode and continuously press the ‘SHIFT’ key, while starting-up.

• If you failed to boot the system in safe mode, run ‘Disk Utility’ from the Mac OS X installation disc. Try to boot and while booting, keep pressing the key 'C'.

• Choose the tab, ‘First Aid’, under Disk Utility and select the corrupt Mac volume. Click ‘Repair’.

• If Disk Utility fails to repair the damaged volume, run ‘fsck’ by typing /sbin/fsck –fy from the command prompt.

But, if there is severe corruption to the volume, even FSCK fails to respond and exits, without any operation. In such a situation, when you failed to resolve the problem with Disk Utility as well as FSCK, you do not have any other choice, except formatting the partition/volume and restoring the lost data from backup.

However, if you don’t have any backup or due to any backup server issue, you failed to access the backed-up data, then use any Mac recovery software to Recover Formatted Mac Drive back. These data recovery Mac utilities thoroughly scan your formatted media and successfully recover the lost data back. Most importantly, these utilities are completely read-only in performing the recovery operations and retrieve the lost data, without any change or modification in their original format.

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