Thursday, May 26, 2011

File System Corruption in External Mac Hard Drive

Sometimes when you unplugged your external hard drive without any proper shutdown, next day you start again plugging you external drive it would not be recognized and your Mac can not read data from external drive. You tried to fix it by using another USB, Checking the preferences or setting PRAM.

Unplugging or powering down the system when it was in a running condition may corrupt the file directory and eventually data loss may happen. The problem could be worse when you do not have a complete backup of your data or an improper backup which leads into the lost of your important files, documents, pictures and videos.

Using Disk Utility which is an inbuilt utility in Mac can help you by repairing the permissions and rebuilding the file data structure. However most of the time when the file got corrupted or damaged it becomes impossible for disk utility to repair the files.

This problem occurs due to affected system metadata structure, hard drive profiles, system files and library files. This situation may also occur due to node structure corruption or file system corruption. Also the problem could be due to the disk data structure corruption and thus Mac Recovery is required to scan the drive and extract all of the data from it.

Always Backup via Time Machine or Clone your Drive to avoid any data loss circumstances. Another option is to reformat your hard drive which means erasing your all data which is not preferred resolution. Try using a Mac data recovery tool which could atleast help you to recover your data before any disk initialization. You need to keep a second hard drive as a destination drive to save your recovered files which acts as a backup in future

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