Sunday, December 13, 2009

Repair a damaged Mac OS X hard drive

In Mac OS X File system corruption are common problems in every computer operating system. These cases might occur due to improper system shutdown, virus infection, incomplete operating system upgrade and many alike. In order to overcome such situations, Mac OS X offers a powerful inbuilt utility, known as Disk Utility. You can run Disk Utility directly on any Mac OS X hard drive, it will detect and repair most of the errors.

But in case of severe file system and disk corruption scenarios, this tool can not detect and fix the hard drive errors and the hard drive remains inaccessible. Such circumstance cause critical data loss situations, Mac Data Recovery is required to retrieve lost data. In a practical scenario, when you try to repair a damaged Mac OS X hard drive volume using Disk Utility, you might come across the below given error message:

Checking Catalog file.
Invalid key length
The volume hard drive name needs to be repaired.
Error: The underlying task reported failure on exit
1 HFS volume checked
Volume needs repair”

Once these error messages popup, Disk Utility stops scanning the hard drive and thus it could not detect the hard drive errors. In such scenario, the problem remains intact and you come across Mac data loss scenarios. At this point, you are required to find out the cause of data loss and go for Mac Recovery solutions to by sorting it out.

Try following things to sort out the above issue:

Run Disk Utility from Externally mounted FireWire drive.

Attempt the single user restart Cmd-S and run fsck -y.

Try to run the Disk Warrior from another hard drive volume.

When all else fails, you need to rebuild the hard drive by formatting it and reinstalling the operating system. It is the last resort to sort out all types of hard drive problems. But it also has a disadvantage that it removes all of the hard drive data and cause serious data loss situations. In these cases, you need to carry out Data Recovery Mac using third party applications.

These tools use high-end scanning techniques to thoroughly scan the affected hard drive and retrieve all of the data from it. Mac Data Recovery software are quite easy and safe to use.It recover mac data and supports snow leopard version of apple.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Disk First Aid Utility Unable to Repair Mac Disk

Apple Inc has developed a unique utility called Disk First Aid which is a powerful and effective utility. It comes bundled with all versions of Mac OS X as a part of Disk Utility. It is helpful in repairing disk and disk permissions. It repairs all faulty disk permissions settings for all files, which are installed as a part of Mac OS X installation.

The repair disk feature of this tool repairs hard drive volumes and its directory that keeps track of where the files on your hard drive stored. In some situations, this utility may report errors and may not fix them. In such case, the problem remains intact and the hard drive volume becomes inaccessible, resulting into critical data loss situations.

In order to sort out this issue, you are required to opt for Mac Data Recovery solutions.In a practical scenario, when you attempt to detect and repair errors on hard drive or disk permission, the process may not complete successfully. Furthermore, you might come across any of the below given error messages:

"Scan complete. Problems were found, but Disk First Aid cannot repair them."

“First Aid Failed

Disk Utility stopped verifying "Hard Drive" because the following error was

The underlying task reported failure on exit.”

“This drive has reported a fatal error to disk utility.

If the drive has not failed completely, back up as much data as you can and then replace it with a working drive.”

Now the various issues like If your computer is crashing frequently, exhibiting unusual behavior or showing cryptic error messages, you can fix such problems easily using First Aid as a first step for checking and repairing defects in a number of cases. If, however, the volume is suffering from severe damage like file system corruption, volume header corruption, volume table corruption and more, this utility might not help you to retrieve your critical mac data.

You can not access your business critical data from hard drive and serious data loss situations occur. To retrieve data in such situations, you need to go for Mac Recovery software. These software are particularly designed to handle most of the data loss situations.

You can use Mac recovery software having an advanced and effective scanning algorithms to completely scan the hard drive and perform Data Recovery Mac. These software have interactive graphical user interface and thus let you carry out recovery on your own.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mac OSX 10.4 or Tiger Compatible Disk Utility

Apple has introduced its one of the best ever addition for Mac OS called Mac OS X 10.4 or Tiger which is the fifth addition in Mac OS X series,This series is widely used as desktop and server operating system. If you are getting, the following error message in Mac OS X 10.4 that can be untrue in its sense:“Cannot be rebuilt. The original directory is too severely damaged”This happens while trying disk repair using Disk Utility. Disk utility is meant for several disk related tasks in Mac OS X such as disk repair, format and others such.

But, in this case the errors may not mean what they state, Directory may not be damaged. The statement indicates that data loss has occurred, which may not be a fact. But, if you instantaneously go for the correction, it may occur actually and Mac recovery may be needed. In reality, the reason could be the incompatible disk utility. Tiger supports Extended Attributes, which was not there in earlier versions of Mac OS X.

So when the incompatible disk utility starts the repair function, it takes the Extended Attributes as Directory corruption.Thus this is advised not to use disk utility which is not compatible with Tiger or in case of unawareness; you may actually lose the data. In case, the third party disk utilities are used, confirm it first that it is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4. However, some unaware users commit some directory repair mistakes which ultimately lead towards data loss.

Thus the fact of disk utility incompatibility with Tiger may cost them at need of Mac recovery software.Mac data recovery is possible and data recovery engineers have made it through the advent of Mac data recovery tools. These applications have been made potent to scan the hard drive for the lost data. Lost data doesn’t go anywhere, that’s the fact and Mac recovery applications can recover it until data overwriting may come into play.

Macintosh Data Recovery is the application with power to effectively scan and retrieve the lost data. Compatible with HFS, HFS+, HFSX and HFS Wrapper file systems, this data recovery Mac software recovers data in each case.