Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recover Data from Unbootable MacBook

You have your Mac in configured status but sometimes when you start your MacBook, it does not boot. All you see when you press power button is the gray screen with a spinning wheel and an Apple logo. This problem generally occurs when you change the system preferences.

If you have changed the system preferences incorrectly before shutting down your MacBook, you may face such kind of behavior. In such situations, all of your precious data becomes inaccessible and thus you need to fix it as quickly as possible.

You can try following things to solve out this problem:

Perform Safe Boot by pressing shift key during startup.
Boot your system in Single User mode by pressing ‘command + s’ keys.
Try to boot your MacBook in Verbose mode using ‘command + v’ keys.
Use Disk Utility from Mac OS X Install disk to verify the drive.

If any of the these solutions does not work, then you need to go for Mac Data Recovery. It is the process of scanning your Mac hard drive and extracting lost data from it.

Mac Data Recovery can easily be performed using Mac Recovery software. Most of the Mac Data Recovery software are downloadable from Internet or come in box version that requires another Mac system to install the software and connect your hard drive to it for scanning and recovering data.

If you do not have another Mac computer, they using these software is not possible. In such situations, you should go for boot DVD of Stellar Phoenix Macintosh Data Recovery software.

You need to just boot your MacBook using boot DVD and after software’s License Agreement you will be directed to recover options screen. This Mac Recovery software is very easy to use and performs safe Mac Data Recovery due to read-only and non-destructive conduct.

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