Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mac OS X Refuses to Boot in Safe Mode

Mac OS X operating system has various booting modes, which include Normal boot mode and Safe boot mode. Safe Boot is a special system troubleshooting boot mode, which is available with Mac OS X 10.2 and later versions. If your system is not booting up properly and you are unable to access your precious data, Safe Mode may help you. However, in some situations, it may not help you fix the problem and you run across data loss situations. At this point, Mac data recovery becomes need of hour.

When you boot Mac OS X system in Safe Mode, the operating system disables fonts, compels directory check, loads only the required kernel extensions, disable startup items, and login items. It helps the operating system boot properly and gives an option to resolve the problem. Mac OS X operating system starts automatic system checking and repair when you boot the system in safe mode.

Under some situations, your Macintosh computer may shutdown improperly when you try to boot it in Safe Mode. In such cases, the system remains unbootable and you can not extract your significant data from it. The problem usually occurs if any of the Mac data structures is damaged.

In case the boot process fails, you need to format the Mac OS X hard drive and reinstall the operating system. It replaces the damaged or faulty data structures of your Mac machine.

Hard drive formatting can fix most of the hard drive problems. The newly installed operating system is usually free from all kinds of data structure errors. However, the major drawback of this process is complete data loss. Formatting removes all the contents of the disk. This behavior puts you in need of Mac data recovery solutions.

At this point of time, you are required to restore lost data from the most recent backup. Backup is the most efficient Apple OS X recovery solution. In order to ensure absolute Mac file recovery, you must have an updated and valid backup in place. An old backup can cause serious problems.

When all your attempts fail, Mac recovery software becomes essential. The third-party applications are particularly designed to perform thorough scan of entire disk using advanced scanning techniques.

Such tools are incorporated with interactive user interface to let you recover lost data in a safe way, without demanding sound technical skills

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