Monday, May 10, 2010

HFS+ File System Corruption and Recovery

Mac OS X has a number file types like HFS, HFS+, and HFSX, among all HFS+ is the improved version of Mac OS Standard, HFS. HFS Plus volumes are comprised of different metadata structure information like Volume Header, Catalog File, and Allocation File etc., defined on their various sectors. Volume Header is the replacement of Master Directory Block of HFS volumes and stores volume metadata.

But due to corruption or inconsistencies in one or more metadata information, HFS+ volumes may get damaged. In such cases, data gets inaccessible and hence users may require HFS Data Recovery tools to recover (if data backup is unavailable, incomplete or damaged). As a scenario, when Mac OS X users attempt to boot the system or access one of the HFS Plus partition, an error is encountered:

“HFS+ partition Error”

This error is generally observed on dual-boot systems, more often with GRUB. System fails to boot when the affected volume is startup volume.

To solve this partition error, users can follow up given solutions:

User can use fsck and Disk Utility to repair the damaged volume

If GRUB is creating issue, user can check for its correct installation

If problem persists, partitioning scheme can be the concern. HFS Plus partitions use APM (Apple Partition Map) as their partitioning scheme. Particularly, incorrect starting sector number (odd number) of partition can create such errors.

Thus, it is required to repartition the disk and restore data from recent backup. If data backup is unavailable or incomplete, HFS Recovery applications come as rescue to recover lost information.

These applications search the affected drive for lost data and restore it securely. Mac Recovery software are the specialized tools to scan the drives and recover lost information. These applications make file system and operating system level scanning. Upon finding lost files, these solutions recover them.

Most of these applications come with interactive user interface, enriched with graphic tools and options. Hence, irrespective of any level of technical background, users can use them quite easily. These software products are safe to be used because of read-only design they possess.

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