Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Catalog File Corruption and Mac OS X Error

Like every operating system Mac OS X-based hard disk is also divided into different volumes. Each volume is comprised of four basic items: files, file threads, directories and directory threads. To define these items, Mac volumes keep their records in the form of catalog file. This catalog file is structured in B*-tree formation. Thus to locate a file or directory, system has to traverse whole catalog B*-tree.

But sometimes, this tree or its nodes can suffer issues, which may require reformatting the volume. In such cases, you are suggested to take full data backup so as to restore it later. In case of backup faults, Mac Recovery solutions are required. User may observe an error with Mac volumes:

“Invalid B-tree node size”

This error is observed with Hierarchical file system based volumes while verifying its integrity using Disk Utility. Damaged volume fails to be repaired using Disk Utility. The error is encountered if node size of B-tree is not correct. Note: The allowed size for records in HFS Catalog file is 512 bytes and in HFS Plus Catalog file is 8 KB.

To resolve the issue, you can try these solutions:

Disk Utility fails to correct invalid node size of B-tree. Thus, you can run fsck. It should be used in single user mode.

You can also use third-party disk repair applications. Such applications can cause more damages, so it is suggested to maintain a copy of all data, prior to use these applications.

If problem remains the same, you can backup all important data and perform clean reinstallation of Mac OS X. It can be carried out using Erase and Install option. Also, data backup must be valid enough to offer complete restoration.

Thus after backup process, the log reports and media must be checked. If data backup proves invalid to give required files, you can use commercial Data Recovery Mac tools. Mac Recovery applications scan media, in question, and recover lost data. These software products offer safe recovery with advanced searching options.

The procedures are safe. Such applications perform suitable file searching processes, irrespective of file system metadata. Thus, you can use these tools in any case logical data loss case. Macintosh Data Recovery is advanced Data Recovery Mac software for HFS, HFS+, HFSX, HFS Wrapper and FAT file system based disks. It uses influential and secure scanning algorithms.

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