Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mac OS X FileVault Space Reclaiming Error

Apple has provided Mac OS X with facility of encrypting information in home folder through FileVault, which helps in protecting the files. The application uses Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm to encrypt the home directory and the encrypted file system is mounted and unmounted as the user logs in and out of the Mac computer system.

Thus the Mac system can avoid Mac Data Recovery needs because with encryption done, accidental deletion and sabotage like cases decrease to an extent.FileVault creates a separate volume for the home folder before encrypting its contents. Before the system may sleep, restart or shut down, the system asks to reclaim the space. This process is a necessary part of the whole encryption procedure.

But, the problem may arise if after reclaiming the space, users lose some preference settings. Preference settings are the user specific settings for the system and applications. The customizations done in this way are done are store as .plist files. So losing them is not taken for good. In order to avoid losing preference settings as an effect of space reclaiming through FileVault, we need to install Mac OS X 10.3.1 and the later updates, which are free from these issues.

However, we can also turn off FileVault in the security or Account preferences. This should be taken care of that while FileVault is reclaiming the disk space, the system should not be restarted or else major data loss can be encountered. Unexpected power loss while the same process also contributes to create Mac Recovery needs. Data lost in this way is however recoverable through Data Recovery Mac utilities.

Mac Recovery software can scan and recover the lost information and then restore it at the safe location. Data Recovery Mac software are special tools to extract the lost information through a set of algorithms. This is recommended not to install Mac Data Recovery software on the affected hard drive so as to avoid permanent data loss due to overwriting.

Mac File Recovery is feasible for FAT, HFS, HFSX, HFS+ and HFS Wrapper file systems. Data Recovery Mac has an interactive interface and possesses worth recovery and restoration options.

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