Tuesday, August 17, 2010

While Using Boot Camp Deleted Mac OS X Volume

Boot Camp is the utility in Mac OS X which assists Mac OS X users in creating a partition and installing Windows on Intel-based Macintosh computers. Although it is designed for non-destructive repartitioning of hard disk, but sometimes it might work different from what is expected. According to many Mac OS X users, Boot Camp has often been found to corrupt or delete Mac OS X partitions, making it impossible to access the data by normal means.

Running fsck or Disk Utility doesn't bring any affect and thus the only option left with the users is to recreate the lost partition. Doing so can no doubt is a suitable workaround of this problem, but data restoration is possible only if you have a valid data backup in place or use a Mac Recovery Software. After a general description, here is a specific problem that narrow downs this issue.

Suppose you as a Mac OS X user uses Boot Camp to create a Windows partition. After the installation is successfully done, when you view Mac OS X partition(s), they appear to be missing. More specifically, just a single partitions that doesn't correspond to any of the existing partitions. You can try solving the issue using 'Disk Utility' and/or 'fsck'.

Also, booting up the computer while holding the option key might help.Reportedly, many Mac OS X user cannot view their partitions on trying to install a Windows version that Boot Camp doesn't support. Most of these problems have been reported when Windows XP SP1 is even tried to be installed. Service Pack of Windows XP is not supported by Boot Camp, so you should instead try to install Windows XP SP2 or later.

This is the case of partition map corruption, so the prime solution to make your Mac workable is to recreate the lost partitions and restore from backup. In cases, when you cannot restore from backup, running a Mac File Recovery utility can aid in recovering all lost files and folders. Mac Recovery Software are exclusive products that can scan your crashed Mac drive and recover all the possible information safely.

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