Monday, July 26, 2010

Mac Journal Corruption and Recovery

In Apple Mac OS X journalizing is the process in which files can protected from any unexpected power outage. The journal keeps all the vital information that Mac computer requires to get back to a previous working state. Serious consequences can result if journal gets corrupted. For instance, it can make a volume unmountable, while rendering the data inaccessible.

We know that keeping a valid backup is an excellent way to prevent data from any lost, either if the backup is not available we can try Mac Recovery. The reason is that you can then safely erase the corrupted volume without fearing of any data loss. HFS Plus is a journaled file system and is thus susceptible to above discussed problems. Below is an error message that can occur in system log of a Mac OS X computer when a HFS Plus volume is corrupted:

Journal corruption usually damage the Mac volume to an extent that it cannot be repaired by Mac OS X built-in utilities. These include the 'Disk Utility' and its command-line utility- fsck. So you must adopt some other methods of Mac Data Recovery.

You can try resolving the given problem by disabling journaling and then re-enabling it again. If you have a backup from which full data recovery is possible, erase the corrupted volume and restore.

It would be more efficient to use a Mac Recovery utility to scan, locate, and recover the lost data. These are easily available products with competency to restore lost or deleted information from Mac disks. Due to their interactive nature, these programs can even be operated by a novice.

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